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 Penguin Web Rules (C) Penguin Web 2010 (A JordanK project)

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PostSubject: Penguin Web Rules (C) Penguin Web 2010 (A JordanK project) Tue Aug 31, 2010 3:24 am

Take some time to read the rules of Penguin Web (PW) so that you will not receive infractions. To start, infractions are warnings that represent the amount of times you have committed an offense which are listed below. A pretty simple concept to understand is follow the rules, if you don't infraction received and if repeatedly you receive infractions ban. At Penguin Web we aim not to be harsh to our users but we must often make rules which will keep the built structure of the forum to prevent it from falling and even failing. We try our best to maintain trust in our fellow users.

Posting Rules of Penguin Web

No Spamming
SPAM is an abbreviation of Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, if you think your post is Stupid, Pointless or annoying, then it is much better to rather instead edit your post or just press the header at the top and don't bother.

No Double Posting
Double posting is prohibited on Penguin Web premises. It is not necessary to have to make a second post when you have the edit tool available to your disposal. Use the edit button and include what you meant to say. However you can double post in a points-graphic shop to post user requests.

No Grave Digging
Here at Penguin Web we find it unnecessary to discuss things that do not show any sentimental value as a topic, as topics are not normally replied to unless it is to show it is being locked, meaning only staff can choose to grave dig. If the thread shows value to not only yourself but MANY others, you may grave dig it. "Grave" posts are threads older than one month without a reply.

No flaming and/or disrespectful/racist comments
Under no circumstances are flaming, disrespectful and/or racist comments permitted on Penguin Web. We post among a society of many, different cultures, different races. Quite frankly, to impend on someone's culture is rude and maybe not to you, but them. You will be banned immediately for this offense.

Forum Appearance Rules / How you present yourself

Signature Permissions
Our forum has signature permissions and we request that you follow them as they are not strict but can impend on your infractions and may be a problem towards your time here. Our rules are quite simple, no innapropriate signatures and no pornographic signatures. Doing so will remove your signature priviledges.

Avatar Permissions
Avatar permissions are quite like the signature permissions. Like I mentioned, no pornographic signatures or innapropriate signatures otherwise you will lose your AVATAR priviledges. With all respect we trust you with these priviledges.

Sensible Usernames / Ranks
Before submitting a request for a new username (or rank from our store), make sure your username fits the following requires otherwise it will be denied.

  • The name contains 3 letters minimum.
  • It follows the rules correctly.
  • It is not taken (search name on memberlist)
  • You have made 50 posts in THAT month.
  • You have been on the forum for more than two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I tell a moderator or admin someone is doing something wrong?
You can use the report button which looks like a Club Penguin moderator badge just above their post, where it has Quote, etc.. You can then file a report against this user and post and our staff will inspect it immediately.

How do I become staff to help out?
Work hard, be a valued contributor on this forum and that doesn't necessarily mean you donate us real money or a multitude of posts, it means you post valuable posts and topics that have mass discussion amongst. You must also Report And Ignore. (What is report and ignore? Check the next FAQ)

What is Report and Ignore?
Report & Ignore is a popular name for the report system. All you do is press the report button, file the report and voila! This is a great method to become staff, but you must report respectively and not report pointless things. Simply...

Report = File a report
Ignore = Don't give a damn about the post, don't quote it or ANYTHING.
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PostSubject: Re: Penguin Web Rules (C) Penguin Web 2010 (A JordanK project) Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:37 am

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Penguin Web Rules (C) Penguin Web 2010 (A JordanK project)

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